Removing information from internet


Blocking and removing information/data from internet ("cleaning" web pages, blogs, social nets and forums in internet) is an extremely complicated process, demanding not only serious money investment, but a team of highly qualified professionals, who can remove information from internet.
Internet covers the whole world and keeps developing. Information in Internet is accessable to extremely wide audience, and is not subjected to censoship.

Lots of people start their day watching information in internet. A man using internet rarely uses TV as news source and practically never buys a newspaper or a magasine looking for some news. Organization hiring a new employee starts by searching information about the candidate in internet. In short internet has become the main information source.

Negative information about a political party, person, product or an event influences negatively focused audience in most negative way.

It threatens partners who address most widely spread internet search systems before signing  any agreements. Negative information in internet makes bad reputation and results in huge money loss It also  harms morally.

Negative data in internet can cause a party or a political figure to end any pre-election race.

It is necessary to make "cleaning" to stop negative information spreading in internet. That means removing information or blocking access to it through internet search systems and social nets. False data or commercial secrets will be changed for neutral or positive data.

Information removing from Internet is one of the main activities of our company. We have all necessary specialists (lawyers, system IT specialists, copy-writers) specialised in the problem of information deleting from Internet all over the world.

In spite of the fact that blocking and removing information/data from Internet is an extremely complicated process, demanding individual approach in any case. We are ready to do it again and again. We like chalenging tasks to stop internet compromising evidence.

See details about blocking and removing information from internet service. (only for registrated users)

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