Our reputation today


From ancient times and now on all valuable figurs in society aimed at building desirable reputation. But unlike faraons and Alexander the Great whose creativity was limited by  spreading information about close relations with gods, modern promotion technologies developed into huge industry.
Service of the companies forming and supporting reputations are in great demand and costs real much. And it is reasonable even from financial point of view.

In modern world no product/bank/political party is unique. The cost and quality of the goods is practically equal and electoral programmes are limited with social problems. So it is reputation that is valuable and it can be compared to other valuables of the company.

If we take modern European business as an example, reputation makes  up to 80 % cost of the company and the rest 20 % is the real cost. The 1 %  reputation deteriration will cause the shares cost reduction up to 10 %.

But developing business to the East of broken Berlin wall also comes to the realisation of reputation cost. An example from modern history to illustrate reputation cost is when Wim-Bill-Dann company was sold for the sum twice as much as it's market estimation.

Besides reputation is a neccessary part of any element of a modern man life - it effects practically everithing beginning from a restaurant choice where to have dinner up to decision of multimillion investment, from bying a tie of some definite brand to appointment of a candidate.

Reputation is vitally neccessary in any sphere of activity: policy, finance, energetics, trade, industry, service.

No wonder is that offers to form and support reputation are in great demand. Positive reputation is a direct path to additional privileges, power,  money streams, access to high society etc.

Negative reputation on the contrary can stop money streams, close access to desirable society, exclude opportunity to get power etc.

But in spite of the fact that there is no limit in the offers to form reputation, most of the companies in fact offer just to build image, not a reputation.

What is the defference between image and reputation?

Image  is an impression from a person or a firm you get at first meeting, based on external attributes and recent information events, connectd to this very firm or  person.

Reputation is an opinion made of great amount of acts for a long time period by many consumers. That is reputation building for a short period of time is  possible, but very complicated task (in fact such reputation will be only visibility , although rather convincing one based on  its older reputation).

You should realise that image making is rather valuable thing too, but it is not reputation and is not enough to solve some tasks.

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