Internet PR


The most well-known example of internet PR victory is USA president Barack Husein Obama, who refused traditional technologies in his election campaign for internet promotion. But there are agreat deal more internet promotion victories not as widely known as that one than you can even imagine.
No matter what is your attitude to internet promotion, but it is at least wrong not to use it to achieve your aims.

Why is internet most preferable?

  • Speed at which information appears in internet is much quicker than in any mass media (including press or TV).
  • Interactivity, that is participation of the user in the news discussion. Opportunity to give your opinion about any event, communicate with the participants of the event makes internet more and more attractable for the users. You can make news yourself and users very much value it. Having just once tried to be participants, users no longer want  just to  watch passively.
  • Internet allows to manipulate wich the dates of the events (real or false), so it gives the opportunity to place materials with changed date, so that they can look as if placed before.
  • Person using internt, according to statistics, more rarely addresses TV for news and hardly ever buys a newpaper or a magasine with the same aim. For example there are a great deal more Russian internet users than American ones. So it is unquestinable why most valuble politicians do not ingnore internet and even have their own blogs and make internet conferences.
  • Internet information is most trustable because of great amount of information resources and data seems to be proved by independent sources. Internet has not yet been discredited by "paid" article and "ordered" material. The very idea that such information can be placed in the huge ammount of internet portal seems absurd and the opportunity of everybody to leave his comment makes it absolutely unthinkable.
There are some more very important reasons:

Information in internet can be aimed at both maximum wide and focused (regional, professional etc) audience.

Internet is not subjected to any kind of censorship which also gives some advantages.

Information remove from internet is quite difficult and long process, demanding not only money investment, but a team of high professionals who can deal with it. Information placed in mass media can be leveled by just refutation, and it will be read by almost the same people the material was focused at.

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