Kinds of PR campaigns


PR, Public relations (PR shortened from public relations - relations with public) is a complex of some activities to promote a person, company, party information influencing public opinion. In business public relation is a kind of marketing communication. PR is closely connected with propaganda, advertising and reputation.
The shortest definition of Public relations is mbuilding public opinion about a person, party, company, product or event.

Types of PR and PR campaigns:

Black PR [order] - use of black technoogies to blacken and ruin the competitor, party, group etc. Spread from the name of the competitor some insulting or economically dangerous statements etc.

Publication of compromising evidence. The name of Black PR comes from "black propagation"- activity aimed at deteriotarion of the image of some person or an object but not just telling lies or different charges. In the course of black PR the spread of provoking statements  supposing coming from the PR victim is usual. For example during election campaign  from the name of the party can be spread the information  about support of gays rights or gay parade permission, cooperation with well-known criminals or other people with bad reputation, false statements about free spreading of something etc.

"Black PR is PR too" - this saying means that even Black PR is capable to be useful in some cases  against the wish of the persons making it. The problem is that due to such PR people learn about an object they did not even know about.Thus common popularity increases. Black PR is a tender tool demanding real professionals.

White PR [order] - is open information spread about some person, party, company or event. The name appeared to demonstrate the thing opposite to black PR, that is open advertising from your own name. You give the audience undisputable information.

Grey PR [order]the use of both Black and White PR. This also means some information (positive or negative) hiding its source. It can be usual Black PR but without giving false information about its original.

Yellow PR [order] - the use with the aim to draw attention to obsene for most people elements (forbidden words in the names, pictures- the use of sexual symbols- from nu to pornography, publications of tabloids; in public actions - pseudohomosexualism, rasist statements etc)

Pink PR [order] - technologies of legends and myths. Their aim is to make the cover of illusions people always lack. We make the history of PR object.

Virus PR [order] - natural, uncontrolled spread information. It is close to usual PR, that is when people share information with each other or rumour. Widely spread in Internet.

Crazy PR [order] - is shocking or provoking Virus campaigns. "Making noise" around PR object.

Partisan PR [order] - use of somebody's resources (place, internet web pages, event, invited press and audience, newsmakers) to give your information.

Self PR [order] - open or anonimous self praising.

Brown PR [order] - hard technologies close to fashist prapagation.


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