Agency MakeReputation


We are a team of professionals, equipped with all neccessary skills and knowledge. We can build and ruin any reputation.

We have brought to success and can make successfull anyone!

Here are the main principles of our work:

Absolute confidentiality.
No one will ever know that you asked us for help.

Absolute naturalness. The reputation we make whether positive or negative will look like public opinion not the result of advertising campaign.

Absolute efficiency at maximum speed. We have chosen internet as our working space, which  does not cancel the use of more conservative technologies.

Absolute professinalism. Analitics, predictors, PR specialists, journalists, psycholinguistics, sociologists, programmers. Only the best specialists make our great team. But real professionals we are still open for new technologies and are always ready to learn, invent, find new applications of old ideas and technologies and move forward. Details about the team. (only for registrated users)

The simplicity of cooperation with us - "we work you enjoy the result". You do not have to be a specialist either in the area of spreading/stopping of information/misinformation or in social psychology as well as a specialist in any other area. Your task is just to give us the idea in general, listen to our suggestions  and coordinate the budget.

Our service includes: Placing of any information in the internet as well as removing information/misinformation from the internet. All kinds of internet PRBlack PR, White PR, Grey PR, Yellow PR, Pink PR, Virus PR, Crazy PR, Partisan PR, Self PR, Brown PR, Green PR.

Details ... (only for registrated users)

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